Adventure: Garrisons Go Galveston

I see it, I love it, I want it.

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I'm not sharing with any silly birds.

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For Christmas in 2013 my family and I decided to take a trip instead of presents. My brother Patric zoomed in on Galveston, TX, and we all agreed. Now, Galveston isn’t really a winter destination, the highs were in the upper forties during our visit, but we still managed to have a fun time. And that’s really all that matters, right?

I ordered all the food

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giant shell

la kings


Now, on the way back I somehow had to get dropped off NINE HOURS before my flight. FYI, Southwest doesn’t allow you to check bags until 3 hours before your flight takes off.
Not that it mattered anyways, because the polar vortex meant that I was stranded in Texas for an extra 72 hours. All of which I found out about 45 minutes after I checked my bags. I got to spend the weekend with one of my mom’s friends in Houston, so the adventure continued. Thank god for Christmas themed underwear and socks going on clearance at Target.


Always say yes to a rum tour and tasting.

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Stay: While there’s lots of hotels in the area, we rented a house that was just a block off the seawall. Perfect for making sure everyone has their own space and bringing in your own meals in order to save a few dollars.
Eat: The Spot. Multiple people whose opinion we trusted told us to eat at the spot. And it was delicious eats. There is nothing I love more than a place with a top notch frier.
Drink: Yaga’s. This is where we spent our New Year’s Eve. I enjoyed it even with the crowds, so that’s saying something.
Explore: Colonel Bubbies. This is the only authentic army surplus store. It’s filled with treasures, especially if you’re into the military trend. I picked up a vintage French Navy linen tunic and an Army K9 leash for my dogs.

League City (Greater Houston Area)
This was special because the people I stayed with were there way back when I was born. Trust me, I’m still just as adorable. On Saturday, my host and I hit up two super fun spots that were about 45 minutes away; Railean American Rum was a tour and tasting in San Leon and then a quick bite at Gilhooley’s.

Now that I’m back home and all unpacked, I can’t wait to plan my next adventure!


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