A resolution for no resolutions



I’ve been thinking about the beginning of 2014 and what I hope to accomplish.  I’ve considered what I did in 2013, what my dreams might be in 2015.

A project that I’m working on means that I’ll be staying put in Eldora for the next 12-18 months.  So I’ll be spending 2014 focusing on my most favorite thing in the whole wide world; making myself happy and the absolute best I can be.

No pledging to get to a certain weight, no cutting out bad habits.  Just finding what makes me happy, discovering what works and doesn’t work.  To hell with being that perfect somebody for somebody else.

I will sweat out my insecurities.  Mediate away the sad thoughts.  Wear clothes that make me feel like magic.  Eat what gives me pleasure.  Not fall for boys who haven’t fallen for me.  Save money so that I can whisk myself off on adventures.

I’m doing this year for me.

Update: after a week with my brothers, I realized that I did need a real resolution. This year I’ve decided to stop focusing on my family’s lives. To let them make their own decisions and to not waste energy on convincing them that I am right. (ps, I am always right. especially when it comes to my brothers.) This year I’m 100% focused on me.
Let me know if you want to help bankroll my workout wardrobe and healthy eating.


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