{humpday happiness} goldfish kiss

Living in a landlocked state, where things have a tendency to get veryvery cold, I find myself living through beach girls Instas and blogs.  Rebekah Steen of Goldfish Kiss is one of my favorite reads on Bloglovin and her Pinterest and Instagram are on point.  Throw in an adorable dog and girl’s got it going on.

So if you’re on the hunt for a taste of Eternal Summer while still being able to experience the seasons, go get obsessed with Goldfish Kiss right now.

crowdfunding for Leroy

Leroy the Dog

Leroy the Dog

I make a lot of friends on the internet.  I managed to shake the weird stalker who decided we were in love and tried to friend my whole family on Facebook, and since I refuse to let the psychos/terrorists win, I keep making friends.  One of my friends is via Twitter and lives in Atlanta.

She has a kickass loft and foster the cutest dog ever.  Seriously, look at Leroy and tell me he isn’t adorable.  Leroy got hit by a car and hasn’t been able to live life to the fullest, as both of his knees have been blown out.  Take a second and think about how much all the dogs you love love to run and jump and then imagine them all sad because they can’t do those things anymore.

My friend is trying to crowdfund some money to help Leroy get his knees fixed, and this is about a  $10000 surgery.  Like holy moly, it’s expensive to be a dog.  So far $115 has been raised to help Leroy out, but I’m pretty sure the internet can do way better.  So seriously, click this right here and help Leroy get to smile.

last week I…

Spent so much time working and learning about my new phone that I didn’t really do much of anything.  Add in the the days were in the upper 90s and I was PMSing, I was a bit of a nightmare.  For serious though, I’ve now had my period for 17 years, this whole thing should be way easier by now.  Or my mom should learn to just back up a bit.

Linda and I are off to Kansas City for a few days to visit Patric and Paige.  Luckily I don’t get paid until Friday, so I can’t do any gross amounts of shopping (leaving more money for my New Orleans trip over Labor Day weekend!).  P and P live just a  few minutes from a mall, so I can find some inspiration for back to school shopping.

Midwest Living has a top 10 list of things to do on a budget in Kansas City, and I’m hoping that there’s time to hit up either The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art or Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

The hardest part of any trip?  Besides having to keep the radio at an appropriate level. Leaving Scotti and Diego behind.

Since I still have not dedicated any dollars towards buying a laptop (or a car, or glasses.) I seriously need a gofundme for my life, I’ll be sharing the fun on my Instagram.


yet another life delay

This was another week where I’m just too tired after a day of work to do anything but cuddle with Scotti and Diego.

After spending a 90 degree, pool filled Monday with the birthday boy, I spent the rest of the week running things at work.  I was so busy, I didn’t even have time to add things to my constantly updated to-do list.  Granted, it was too hot to actually do accomplish anything, but still.

After all of the scary news that has filled up this week’s news-feeds (I subscribe to the Skimm, so I still have a good idea of what is going on, even though I avoid all news outlets) all of which is being fueled by hate, I have to remind myself to be  a big ball of light and love.  While I can’t cancel out all of the anger that people have, I can at least try to diffuse it just a bit.

And all the things in my life that I think are giant problems?  Well, I just need to get over that.  Because I’m not being forced to have my clitoris sliced off or be used as a human shield.  I’m just dealing with the fact that choosing which iPhone cover to buy first is really hard and that sometimes (most of the time) living in your mom’s basement without a car is just not the dream you had envisioned for 27.

{last week I} have no idea

Last week was a busy one.  Well, one of those busy ones where you look back and you’re not 100% sure what it is you accomplished.

So instead of showing you what I did last week, I’ll just let you know what I’m looking forward to this week.

  • ordering a new iphone.  mine is seriously slow and the biggest reason I haven’t been taking photos is because I have no storage space.  Knowing I’m about to order a new phone also means I’ve been looking at a lot of phone cases.  This one from the Beyonce shop is my current favorite.
  • the arrival of my new shoes from ShoeMint.
  • planning next week’s trip to Kansas City.  I plan on doing a touch of back to school shopping, eating lots, and spending some time with my brother and sister-in-law.
  • spending lots of extra time with Scotti and Diego.  Because of above.
  • Accomplish one thing on my list of of things to accomplish by the end of the summer. I seriously spotted 5 pieces of clothing when I was folding my laundry that I had completely forgotten about.  I think that means it is time to do a deep closet clean for sure.

Anyways, today I’m in Cedar Falls helping TinderBoy celebrate his 30th birthday.  He gets to choose the activities and all I know so far is that we’ll be “outside all day”.  With such little direction, I packed 3 pairs of shoes for 24 hours.



water ball with Scotti and Diego

One of the hardest things about living in a small town is that unless you have a large yard, there is no where for a dog to (legally) be off leash.  While Diego still needs to learn that other dogs are not necessarily enemies who might destroy his person, Scotti would adore a dog park and a place to play with new friends.  When the three of us and Luna do finally move out of Linda’s basement, we’re going to an acreage.

One of the pluses of my summer job at the pool is that when I have outdoor tasks on my to-do list, I can bring Scotti and Diego to play while I work.  Scotti could spend half the day running in and out of the water, chasing balls and whatever bird flies by.  Diego is a little braver and likes to try swimming in the 3 foot areas.




After this romp in the pool, I was only able to find 1 of our 3 balls, so it looks like I have another task to add to my list.


it’s official

I am a licensed driver.  Look out world. I had told Linda that I expected to come home from my driving test to a hybrid SUV with a big bow on top.  No dice.

My first jaunt out on the road is Sunday night to go celebrate Tinder Boy’s birthday. I’m already thinking about what CD I want to play on the 45 minute drive.