what would olivia pope do?

Last night, life totally took over.  I ran to Waterloo with plans on being a good daughter and picking Linda up from the airport.  I had a few other plans too; hit up Victoria’s Secret, go to Enterprise, walk around Target.  But right as I take my exit, Linda calls.

Her flight totally got cancelled.  Boo.

Linda started just jabbering and trying to tell me what to do.  Isn’t it super frustrating when parents treat adult children like little kids?*  I totally wished her plane from Cuba to Miami had been the one to break for a few minutes.

Like seriously mom, I can handle things.

Since I knew I’d be picking up a car from Enterprise for next weeks holiday of who knows what, I just had to figure out how one girl could be in two different places at once.  I needed to drop our car (well, the one we’re borrowing) off at the airport and get a ride to the Enterprise office.

First I snapped the boy from Waterloo that I’ve hung out with a few times.  Too busy.  Whatever.  Then I sent out a Tinder moment requesting a 15 minute White Knight.  Some responses, but no dice.

Like seriously boys, if a girl offers to take you to dinner because you drove her 5ish miles, go for it.  Especially on cold days.  I totally would have made out.

So I was all like, what would Olivia Pope do?  Duh.  She’d call her ex-boytoy, aka the president.  So I texted former TinderBoy.  Yes, the one that had me crying for like 3 days.  And guess what, he totally came through.  Thank goodness I decided to look comfycute when I left the house.

And guess what? It was all okay.  He got to help a girl out.  I got what I wanted.  Linda wont be murdered because I have to pick her up at 9:30 tonight.  Sure, it was awkward in that weird “we used to see each other naked” kinda way.  But whatever.

if this is growing up, I’m gonna be a pro.

*I might have a bad habit of constantly telling my brothers what to do.  I’m working on it.

{tinder tuesday}

image1Another week of Tinder tapping and still no true love.  Sigh.  I mixed things up and widened my age preferences to 25-40.  Super big gap, but hey, why not?  Hopefully a wider age range means someone might finally make a move.  Who knew it was so hard to ask a girl to dinner?

I need to know if Beyonce ever asked a Jay-Z out on a date.

And how long one is allowed to look for love on the internet before giving up on Iowa boys for forever.

Last week held two Tinder dates.  And I was bored out of my skull at both of them.  Have you ever sat in a tractor and listened to a boy talk about his herd of cattle?  Don’t do it.  Have you ever sit in a booth at your local watering hole and listened to a boy talk about how his high school just won a football state championship?  And then give a play by play.  Don’t do it.  I’m seriously going bonkers over here.

If things continue at this pace, I’ll be going to the Nutcracker alone.



eight more days to go

Okay you guys, in all honesty, last week of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and life in general, was super rough.  I got into my own head and all but destroyed myself.  Seriously, all I need is one small sentence from another person to make me start to convince myself that I’m worth absolutely nothing.

And so I gave in to a pumpkin cake donut and got sick 45 minutes later.  Which totally makes me think donuts aren’t worth it.  But also that other people aren’t worth it either.

I keep telling myself over and over that I’m going to stop thinking about other people ad focus on the things that make me happy.  The things that I want with my life.  And having my mom gone this past week has made me realize just how much I need to make that stick.

Because it’s not fair to myself to turn to food whenever other people disappoint me.  Because people aren’t going to stop being human.  So now I’m taking the power away from everyone.

From my mom.  And my brothers.  From the people who like to talk about me behind my back.  From the boys that I wish I could find a reason to like.  From everybody.  And I’m giving it back to myself.

I’m going to power through the last week of this Challenge with a vengeance and I’m going to make an order so I can do it again in the New Year.  I’m going to wake up early and work out so that I can take a nap when I get home from work.  I’m going to throw out all the clutter that I’ve accumulated so that when it’s time for me to move I can.  I’m going to start typing up what my thoughts and feelings  are and not care about how it affects others.  Cause god damnit, if I keep caring so much about all those people, I’m going to be crushed from all of the pressure.

The rest of 2014 is going to be about getting my head and heart in the right spot, so that in 2015 I can totally start to conquer.

And maybe the best medicine to help me power through all of it is a good, head clearing, music blasting, sweaty workout.


{throwback thursday} cuba


Linda being in Cuba until next week leaves me with a few different feelings.

  1. I absolutely love being home alone and not having to be in contact with my mom.  Or ask for her permission.  I love it.
  2. I now feel guilty for loving it as much as I do.
  3. I now realize I need to work that much harder towards my goal of finding a big girl job in a new town.  Labor Day Weekend 2015 will be here in no time.
  4. I really miss Cuba and my people there.
{me getting a butt tattoo and banned from donating blood ever}

{me getting a butt tattoo and banned from donating blood ever}

{fantasy bedroom wall}

{fantasy bedroom wall}

cuba10 cuba6

{that boy up front, he's the one who has his name on my butt}

{that boy up front, he’s the one who has his name on my butt}


{seriously wanting an acreage so I can have a pet pig}

{seriously wanting an acreage so I can have a pet pig}

cuba5 cuba4 cuba3 cuba2 cuba1 cuba14

{humpday happiness} press for champagne

All I’ve wanted to do since I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge is drink.  I am so thirsty and water just won’t cut it.  So while I’m patiently waiting, I’ve been going through my Pinterest page for holiday cocktail inspiration.  Sure, the only person I tend to drink with is myself but that just means things will be less likely to end in a super hot mess.

furry selfies

{Callie looking thrilled}

{Callie looking thrilled}

Life with the creatures is going swell.  Callie is a little under the weather, but we’ll bring her back to form in no time.  Or she’ll go to a kitty farm.  We’ll see.

We’re all in a particularly good mood at the moment because LINDA IS GONE.  For ten whole days.  Is this Iowa?  Or is it my own little slice of heaven?

There are so many things I want to accomplish while I have the house to myself.  All I accomplished yesterday though was watching Zac Efron movies.  That boy is just too cute.

{cuddle puddle}

{cuddle puddle}

Luckily Scotti and Diego fully agree with whatever movie choices I make.

Now to take the ultimate photo for our Christmas cards.  Maybe I do need a touch of snow.

week one of advocare

is complete.  halleluiah.

Here’s what I know so far:  I definitely need to prep meals in advance.  Otherwise I just want to grab what’s easiest.  And you know what’s easy within the cleanse phase of the 24 Day Challenge?  An apple.  So this next week will need to clearly be prepped and planned.  Which is something I always tell myself I need to do anyways.

Why are new habits so hard to get into?

Since I didn’t know how I was going to feel last week, I kept the workouts simple.  Daily 2 mile walks with Scotti and Diego.  30 minutes on the elliptical Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Today is my 10th day.  14 more days to go.  14 more days until I make myself a cheese tray and pour myself a bottle of wine.

ps I already feel way better.  Spark definitely has powers that Diet Coke does not and I’ve only craved candy on the worst of my period days.