{last week I} have no idea

Last week was a busy one.  Well, one of those busy ones where you look back and you’re not 100% sure what it is you accomplished.

So instead of showing you what I did last week, I’ll just let you know what I’m looking forward to this week.

  • ordering a new iphone.  mine is seriously slow and the biggest reason I haven’t been taking photos is because I have no storage space.  Knowing I’m about to order a new phone also means I’ve been looking at a lot of phone cases.  This one from the Beyonce shop is my current favorite.
  • the arrival of my new shoes from ShoeMint.
  • planning next week’s trip to Kansas City.  I plan on doing a touch of back to school shopping, eating lots, and spending some time with my brother and sister-in-law.
  • spending lots of extra time with Scotti and Diego.  Because of above.
  • Accomplish one thing on my list of of things to accomplish by the end of the summer. I seriously spotted 5 pieces of clothing when I was folding my laundry that I had completely forgotten about.  I think that means it is time to do a deep closet clean for sure.

Anyways, today I’m in Cedar Falls helping TinderBoy celebrate his 30th birthday.  He gets to choose the activities and all I know so far is that we’ll be “outside all day”.  With such little direction, I packed 3 pairs of shoes for 24 hours.



water ball with Scotti and Diego

One of the hardest things about living in a small town is that unless you have a large yard, there is no where for a dog to (legally) be off leash.  While Diego still needs to learn that other dogs are not necessarily enemies who might destroy his person, Scotti would adore a dog park and a place to play with new friends.  When the three of us and Luna do finally move out of Linda’s basement, we’re going to an acreage.

One of the pluses of my summer job at the pool is that when I have outdoor tasks on my to-do list, I can bring Scotti and Diego to play while I work.  Scotti could spend half the day running in and out of the water, chasing balls and whatever bird flies by.  Diego is a little braver and likes to try swimming in the 3 foot areas.




After this romp in the pool, I was only able to find 1 of our 3 balls, so it looks like I have another task to add to my list.


it’s official

I am a licensed driver.  Look out world. I had told Linda that I expected to come home from my driving test to a hybrid SUV with a big bow on top.  No dice.

My first jaunt out on the road is Sunday night to go celebrate Tinder Boy’s birthday. I’m already thinking about what CD I want to play on the 45 minute drive.

{humpday happiness} flower girl




Have you read the story about the little girl in NYC who wanted to be a flower girl?  I spotted this link on Twitter this morning and went “aawwww” pretty quickly.  I’m not sure when being a flower girl became such a right/honor, but I do know why it would be so fun to be be a part of a wedding.  Where grownups kiss and dance and everyone eats cake.

Me as a flower girl around age 7.

Me as a flower girl around age 7.

When I do think about my future weeding, I never have an actual wedding party, but I do have a lot of little girls dressed up and throwing flowers and confetti while barefoot.

I also spend a lot of time thinking about flower crowns.  The nice thing about living in small town Iowa is that it takes a little longer for trends to hit, so I still have time to buy one, regardless of what various fashion dedicated people say.

Netflix: The Glades

thegladesI am a lover of crime shows.  I could sit down half way through a Law and Order marathon and not feel the need to move for hours.  I root for the good guys and hope the bad guys get exactly what’s coming to them.

A couple years ago I had to stop reading and watching the news, plus all of the crime shows that exist.  Law and Order, Criminal Minds, I cut myself off of all of it.  The stories, real or otherwise, were just weighing down on my heart and that often led to intense breakdowns that Linda just couldn’t figure out how to fix.

I just started watching The Glades on Netflix, I’m 14 episodes in, and my need to find the killer is totally being met.  The murders are never terrifyingly violent and so far, have only been committed on adults.  Add in the fact that the lead detective is super cute and just confident enough to be an occasional butt head, and I’m impressed.

and I have 35 episodes to go until I have to find a new show to binge watch!

{last week I}

Last week was just an iffy week.  I managed to give myself food poisoning.  I got to spend lots of time in the sunshine.  I slept, a lot.  Every waking moment was filled with things to do.  I convinced myself that I really did not need a funnel cake.



Scotti, Diego and I found a new walking path.  We normally go right thru the county fairgrounds, so that just wasn’t going to work this week. 

selfiewithscotti As usual, Scotti acted way too cool for selfies.


I cannot for the life of me figure out how all those California girls and swimsuit models take such great summertime iPhone photos.  I had no idea my finger was in this picture until about 15 minutes ago.tongueout

I made the most adorable new friend named Kona.  I think I’m going to need to live in a farmhouse once my reign as the greatest stay at home daughter ends.  It’s the only way I’m going to have room for all the creatures I want. bubblesandbikinis

The weekend was seriously hot and sticky.  Thank goodness I can splash in the water.biscuitsandelle

Leftover fried chicken and biscuit sandwiches, with lots of honey and Anna Kendrick.

{Quotes and Obsessions} Kayne and Kim

Earlier this week I posted the above photo to my Instagram and Facebook page.  I don’t usually feel a connection to the things that come out of Kayne West’s mouth, I tend to see him more as a spoiled brat who needs a spanking, but this quote I just got.  Now, the white males who also share photos of Ronald Regan and have Republican in their About Me section did not approve.  I have a sea of messages to prove it, which I really just found giggle worthy.  Like, it’s a quote about being awesome (which Kayne and I both are) not me making any hidden comments on race or whatever.

BUT HOLD THE PHONE EVERYBODY.  Because Kim said something I agree with just as much, if not more.

Ever since I popped out a baby 3 years ago, and done a whole lot of growing up since, I have started to feel a serious respect and love for everything my body can do.  And since I’m getting ready to make another baby, a topic we seriously need to talk about #notetoself, all I want to do with the rest of my summer is make my body the best little growing place it can be.  And get my ass to look amazing in some vegan leather maternity leggings.  I really need to squat more.

While I hope my forever relationship is more along the lines of Beyonce and Jay-Z or Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, I cannot deny that Kim and Kayne are just absolutely perfect for each other.

Speaking of Beyonce, this family snap takes Mommy and Me dresses to a whole new level.


Before you take off to start your weekend, watch this new John Legend video and after that go hug every female that you see. Okay? Okay.